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- Erodium botrys is one similar case
- Dandelion also _
- Hypochaeris radicata
- Silybum marianum, "forests" of it in Berkeley Hills. - Vacaville, Aug. '06
_ I now feel doubtful about the menaing of this record. It is surely not so common as implied. - W.H.J. Oct. 1912
- Western Botanical collection, R. Brown, cf. Bot. Soc. [Edinb.] [Botanical Society Edinburg]
- Fritillaria biflora. As many as 7 fls. [flowers] in material sent by Los Angeles High S. [School]
- Davy, J.B. Greatly interested in making local lists. When he was here in California this bent was severly frowned upon by Setchell - so much so that he did not run counter to it. But when he reached South Africa he was free to gratify this propensity. I notice in Dultz & Co., Bibliotheca Botanica et Economica (Munich, 1928), Cat. 68, p. 39, the following item: "A First Check-list of the flowering plants and ferns of the Transvaal and Swaziland". 1912. by J.B. Davy
-[W.L.J. July, 1928.]
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