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Ashland Butte, Ore.
Carter says Pinus ponderosa in New Mexico is milled as New Mexico White Pine, in Arizona as Arizona White Pine and Navahoe White Pine. Therefore you can't tell anything about species from the lumber trade journals advertisements. Kopke says they offer about here Bird's Eye Sugar Pine. He claims it is the only pine with bird's eye graining & figures.
The Yew in Ashland Creek Canon gets up to 40 ft. h. but all the trees are more or less scraggly in their habit and pose of their branches. Often act as if they were dying when they are really flourishing.
August 2, 1906.
It is not a handsome tree (Taxus brevifolia)
The forest ranger Kopke has a most artistic two story cottage here. Inside it is in wonderful taste. He depends upon the interior construction for ornamentation there being but few pictures on the walls. It is remarkable that a mere forest ranger! should have a house that in taste puts to shame most people of profession and wealth in Oregon.
Entering California, after passing the Siskiyous is always an event with me. I get out on the platform and say Hail California! But there is little of California type about
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