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Ashland Butte, Ore.
The shrubs are :-
Holodiscus discolor - this made a fine show where not past flowering. "Cream Bush" is my name for it; Mr. Kopke calls it Peg Bush or Peg Wood because in early days the wood was found suitable for shoe pegs.
Amelanchier alnifolia, as much as 10 ft. h. Very hard wood.
Ceanothus Californicus Kellogg, the common Sierra Nevada form, the leaves of sterile shoots larger and different looking from those on fertile branches. Past flowering.
August 2, 1906.
Ceanothus laevigatus - "Snow Bush" says Kopke. Gregarious on open slopes, 2 or 3 ft. high usually but often 6 ft. h. The upper surface of the thick leaves very glossy. Stems ascending, often prostrate at base.
Ceanothus ___ . Very near it. Se No. 2563. Occurs immediately below the former on the mountain.
Arctostaphylos glauca, abundant on the hills
Cornus Nuttallii. The number of flowers must be very large as compared with number of fruits set.
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