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Naples, Italy

whips and harangue the stranger the moment he is within sight; street fakirs and the most disreputable of men throng its narrow streets, piazzas and corsos, accosting you on the slightest pretext or none whatsoever. The scum of all the countries of three continents bordering this vast inland sea settles in here. You walk the water front and the names of the home ports on the vessel's prows speak the most ancient of trading towns in Asia Minor, Greece and Sicily. The street scenes have the color of the near orient. The burden carts are not pushed by men as in the north but by diminutive donkeys. Immense
Feb. 14, 1906.

loads of wood or provisions are loaded high on carts, primitive looking things with high wheels often, two timbers carrying the load and projecting in front as shafts over the donkey's body. How such huge loads are balanced so nicely is a marvel. An extra donkey or two may be put on the sides. Men handle building stones from ship to quay, barefoot. Women and men balance burdens of all kind on their heads in the coolest manner: provisions, flowers, even baskets of eggs!
- The Freemans of Berkeley whom I came down from London to meet have arrived from New York by steamer. It seems as if I was never so glad in my life to see home faces.
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