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Genoa, Italy

Brachychiton populneus is a handsome tree at La Mortola; noticed it first in the Hotel de Paris grounds at Monte Carlo.

At Genoa I visited the cathedral which is a large edifice, the black and white marble alternating in horizontal stripes. It did not please me. Inside it is very plain, the roof of the nave plain white, but the whole choir is richly decorated, as also one or two of the chapels. The Via is lined on both sides with tall ancient palaces of the aristocratic Genoese families. Two of these were given to the city and are now galleries and libraries. The rooms in the Palazzo Rosso were more interesting in their decorations
Feb. 12, 1906.

than in the paintings I thought; the frescoes and the various designs of the floors wrought in differently colored marbles.
Visited the Orto Botanico where I saw Otto Penzig _See p. 199. at the Hanbury Botanical Institute of the University of Genoa. He does not look especially like an Italian, has thick short hair brushed straight back from his forehead and has a pleasant manner. He showed me about his building which is the gift of Sir Thomas Hanbury. There is a bust of Hanbury at the foot of the main staircase with the date 1892. The Herbarium is a large one. The bundles are in covers in open pigeon-holes. Penzig admitted that the plan was bad on account of the dust. His museum
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