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Kew Herbarium

- Quercus lobata /Coll. Quercus lobata on the
- J.D. Hooker and Asa Gray /Tuolumne, '77 leaves 15 cm.
long! (that is, the longest) not inc. the short petiole.

- Quercus Douglasii Benth Pl. Hartwegianae, p 337 = Garryana
teste Hartweg's Sonoma spms!!
Oct. 28, 1905.

- Mr. Hemsley has just shown me one of his new species of Eryngium having clusters of fistulous leaves. I told him about Eryngium Californicum of Napa Valley which germinates in the beds of winter pools, produces tufts of fistulous leaves which disappear when the water goes and are succeeded by flowering shoots with different kind of leaves in the dry season. In other words there is adaptation to the seasons as well as to the general climate and conditions. The flora of the vernal pools is very interesting and deserves a special paper.
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