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Kew Herbarium

= Dr. Henry says that Lowiana, concolor, grandis are clearly distinct as they grow here at Kew. He goes on the leaves of lateral branchlets their shape and size, and on the winter buds.
Abies grandis, distinctly pectinate; notched at apex.
Abies Lowiana, not pectinate but turned upwards so as to
make a low V-shaped trough; notched at apex.
Abies magnifica, curving upward from below, those on top
curving as well; 4-sided.
These are characters well recognized [?] for typical material but Lowiana is not usually notched at apex. The trouble is one does not usually know from what part of the tree the material comes. It were
December 26, 1905.

best to specify in keys: Leaves of lower branches so and so.
Firs young are typically smooth barked.
Spruces young are typically rough barked.
= Drummond, . Grandson of the North American explorer, Drummond is living here in Kew, working on Indian botany. He spoke of his grandfather's death at Havana on board a Spanish sloop which brought him from Texas, of yellow fever. A sad end, among rough sailors. He was buried by the Jesuits who put up a monument to him in the church. His herbarium & papers which he is supposed to have had with him were all lost. Drummond spoke of the interesting distribution in [illegible] of the Desert Fagonia -- always appearing on desert alluvial alkali.
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