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Kew Herbarium

The above letters are in the Hooker Corresp. vol. 65, nos. 6-10.
= Botta, M.P.E, cited in Spach's Monographia Onagrearum, in Nouvelles Annales due Meseum D'Histoire Naturelle (1835) vol.4. as follows:
1. Holostigma Bottae Nob. [?] p. 336 Southern Calif.
2. Godetia Bottae Nob. [?] p. 393 " "
3. Godetia Willdenowiana Nob. [?] p. 388, about Monterey

No. 1 = Oenothera micrantha Hornem?
No. 3 = Oenothera purpurea Willdenow.

All are marked V. s.sp., showing Botta collected and dried specimens of plants in California. Further details concerning his visit can probably be found in Bancroft or some French Biographical Dictionary.
Nov. 14, 1905.

- Trifolium Wormskioldii Lehm
2nd. Sem. Hort. Hamburg. 1827. p. 17. full descrip in Act.
Nat. Cur. 14; 823; t. 45 "Semina e California attulit Cl.
- Nemophila atomaria F.& M. figured in Gartenfl. 13, pl. 442.
4 flowers, showing variations in degree of black-purple
spots or areas, 1/3 to 2/3 of petals, or one fl. with black
dots merely. Ground of 3 of the fls. white, the other blue.
(On same plate is figured insignis blue, blue & white, and
white and maculata.
- Kew Herb: - formerly mounted sheets (accessions were placed in the Herb once a year; now it is done once a quarter.
- Lewisia brachycarpa [illegible] at Cal. i.79 =
" " -- calyx!
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