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scenes of the last few years on the Pacific Coast where the rainless summer forbids" the green turf and pastures "New Haven is one of the lovliest cities of the United States and it is needless to say that I have enjoyed greatly my return to the privileges and luxuries of a civilized life again." Signed, W.H. Brewer.
Brewer never returned again to desolate California! unless perchance for a short visit with Sargent. It is plain from these letters and from Brewer's subsequent career that his interests were economic. He collected very few plants, considering that he was in the
Nov. 9, 1905.

field four years. Of course he had many duties and assigns this as a reason (to Hooker) for not collecting more. He seems to have gone at the flora with preconceptions, at least that the species were mainly described. In letter no 1. above he says in speaking of the great ravages of temperature: "As a consequence not only the forms are peculiar but certian species sport in local varieties in the different chains. -- I think that many of these varieties have been described as species. I hope to throw some more light on this upon this most interesting subject by future labors and collections"
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