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Berlin, Germany

be hedged in with uncertainty or semi-mystery.
= Millspaugh, Director of the Dep't of Botany, Field Columbia Museum, Chicago, is here looking up Euphorbiaceous types. He was at Cornell, in the Secretary's office in some capacity as a young man and was told off to show all the big visitors about the grounds. In this way he became acquainted with Henry Ward Beecher, George William Curtis, and many others. As a barefoot boy in Cornell town (Ithaca) he first saw Louis Agassiz. He was standing in the middle of a stream with a frock coat on and a silk hat and looking intently at something. He called to the boy. "Boy, come here!" But the boy at first was afraid of such a strange creature and shied off. Then Agassiz showed him minnows building a nest for their eggs by pushing pebbles with their noses into a circle. Agassiz took him on walks in the surrounding country which he declared to be the richest region in the country for geological, zoological and botanical studies.
April 24, 1906.

Polygonaceae, wants Chorizanthe spinosa, Orcuttiana, Breweri, valida Wats and Nortonii Greene the latter in its variants. He pointed out to me that the Chilian (not all) displayed ochreae; in their habit some of them look marvelously like Polygonums of the perennial suffrutescent sort; some have the habit of montane tufted Eriogonums. They have very few spms. of Eriogonums here.
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