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Berlin, Germany

- Miss Janet Perkins says that after getting through school she went to California for her health and lived a year at Gilroy. Her mother lived there -- a woman who had a great interest in flowers, a keen observer and one who had a store of experience regarding nature. Miss Perkins did not like Gilroy, naturally. She had been used to the best society of a large city, Chicago, and now she fraternized with the butcher boy, etc. She taught music. "They" came to her in succession. One boy wanted to learn to play the harmonica. But Miss Perkins said that she knew nothing about the harmonica! She
April 21, 1906.

played the piano. But the boy insisted that they were quite alike and so she gave him piano lessons. Another boy came: she discovered he hadn't all his fingers -- a thumb missing! But he wanted to play at a concert two weeks thence and he managed to pick his instrument and get through his piece. A piano agent proposed marriage. He insisted that she could never do anything there, that as she talked French & German, that as he was Swiss of good family and had _20,000.00 [?] it would be the best thing for her. How characteristic is all this
"The only argument you can have with the east wind is to button up your coat. -- James Russel Lowell.
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