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Berlin, Germany

indument and short hairs. The pub. has a glandular appearance. The calyces are bigger and coarser than shown by anything else here -- several fl. spms from Coast Ranges but calyces very small.
= Orobanche pinetorum Geyer. cf. Beck. Orob. p. 84. Hansen, 247, Pine Grove, 2300 ft.
= Orobanche fasciculata Nutt. Det. by Beck. Humboldt Co. V. Rattan, June, 1883, has peduncles up to 25 cm. long!
= Rosa Californica C. & S. not here. i.e. Keine Exemplar von Chamisso.
= Rubus vitifolius C. & S., Keine exemplar von Chamisso!
Dr. Loesener says these two may be in Halle, where as I
April 21, 1906.

understand it, Schlectendal worked.
Things are in such confusion here incident to the moving from the "Altes Botanisches Garten" to the New Garden at Steglitz that I find difficult to find any specimen wanted and particularly any book for reference. Another of Chamisso's spms that I fail to find is
- Aphyllon Californicum C. & S. Aphyllon by the way is not recognized in Engler & Prantl, being referred to Orobanche.
- "Give a lie twelve hours start and the truth will never overtake it."
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