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Berlin, Germany

on Limosella aquatica and many other plants. His paper appears in June.
Cheiranthus Californicus C. & S. Type label in Chamisso's hand. "ad portum San Francisco Novae Californiae legit" // 3 "scraps". Leaves narrow and long, 3 mm wide or less, as much as 6 or 9 cm. long inc. petiole, the petiole often longer than blade. Fls. 1 cm. long, petals 1.7 cm. long. Leaves with short appressed hairs. Calyx minutely strigose. Gray has written on the sheet "Est C. asper Cham. & S. in Linnaea, i. p. 14. Pod (very young) densely clothed with short straight
--foot next p.
April 11, 1906.

- My German conversational instructor, a quick-witted observing little old lady of 65 (about), said: I go into my reception room. I see two men sitting there. Before they say a word I know that they are English or Americans! They do not rise. They sit there and do not move. They only bob their heads: "Good Morning." Of course this German woman believes that this is the custom of all English and Americans. Unscientific! but then --.
appressed hairs [symbol for "therefore"] = Erysimum asperum DC. I perceive that the youngish pods of Erysimum capitatum Greene as represented here by Baker n. 342, Crystal Springs and Heller. n. 6537, Sandhills Point Pinus [?] are 3-stellate, the long fork pointing downwards.
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