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Logs were laid out very regularly, being peeled of their bark. They were 40 to 70 ft. long, I should judge, and 1 to 1 3/4 ft. through at the butt. They were loaded on ordinary wagons to be taken to the railway station. By rail a 2-wheeled truck was put under the fore part and a 2-wheeled truck under the rear part of the bundle of logs, so to speak. The logs served as the "coupler" between the part of the train ahead and that behind.
Stuttgart is a large place. I visited the Museum of Art, the Industrial Museum (which is in a fine large building) and the Natural History Museum.
March 23, 1906

The latter had a large and very complete collection of birds and mammals, etc but the display of them does not in the least compare with the Natural History Museum at South Kensington. There is a botanical section: economic but systematically arranged by natural families. I noticed a rosary from Lake Maggiore made from buds of Eucalyptus globulus, the "beads" strung together by wire.
Visited also the Schiller Monument, the Stifts Kirche, and Joannes-Kirche, the latter a beautiful gothic structure.
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