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Lake Como.

We left Bellagio at 10.45 and steamed directly across the lake to Menaggio and there took the mountain railway for Lake Lugano which gave us splendid views of the luxuriant shores of Como, its towns and villages, its two arms and Bellagio sitting happily at the foot of its wooded hills. Chestnut, walnut and mulberry trees clothed the rugged slopes while near the shore the tall slender outlines of the "funeral cypress" punctuated the landscape. At the head of the lake we took steamer to Lugano town which is gaurded by high abrupt hills and is well
March 16, 1906.

situated altho I think Como the more beautiful.
At Bellagio we stopped at Hotel Florence. I took a walk to San Giovanni Bellagio early in the morning and had a fine view of the other arm of the Lake (which is shaped like a Y) its narrow length with its foothills crossing their feet in the perspective and nearer rising abruptly from the water. There is, on the way, a fine avenue of Cypresses with an old tower at the foot. I saw a funeral procession pass along -- all on foot, including the bearers, priests, boys in church robes, women in white headdresses
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