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pictures, beautiful statues -- turn everything in this direction -- one may here imagine what we might achieve. It is a pretty walk down to the city. One gets a fine view of Florence -- the Palazzo Vecchi and its tall tower, the Campanile, the duomo -- the latter rising hugely as if it filled the valley. It certainly seemed more vast to me than from the streets of the city.
Fiesole is a nice place to visit. We drove in through the narrow hill ways -- houses arching over the street, everywhere the wayside crucifix, the red sunset glow through
March 4, 1906

the trees. Miss Morris and Miss Boone came out with us: they are training their voices for opera work and are now learning dramatic action. Miss Morris must learn thoroughly the leading role in twelve opears before making her debut.
Florence has many interesting shops: Coppini Brothers, 6 Borgo San Jacoppo near the Ponte Vecchio; Lotti's, wood carvers and dealers in manufactured wood products, tables, chests, chairs, Via Guicciardini on the way to the Pitti Gallery. Bacci is an interesting old furniture dealer. On the north
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