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- We had a beautiful days ride from Rome to Florence, the walled towns crowning the hills, "like a town set on a hill", the peasants working in the fields (we saw 100-acre fields being spaded by hand!), Mulberry trees, for silkworms, tall poplar-like trees pollarded every year, the pollarding being from the short branches scattered along the main stem so that the effect is very peculiar [see image for drawing] 70 or 80 ft high. No wood is wasted in Italy. The kindling brought into the room
Feb. 28, 1905

at Savoy Hotel, Rome, consisted of bound bundles of roots and twigs. Cartloads of "wood" in the streets of Rome consisted of such stuff as would be burned in a California orchard. No fences between the farms. Laborers get 15 to 30 cents a day. The live on a few things. So in Bible times they live on "bread and wine". The typical loaf is large and round with a great hole in the centre. They put their arm through it and carry it or slip it over a stake on the cart.
Florence! Mother of Arts. Sculpture, Architecture, Painting and Poetry. Its wealth of treasure confound the senses.
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