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vaders, and most of all the mediaeval and latter day residents have played havoc with the ancient structures. As an example: The Coliseum with its covering of marble was used as a gigantic quarry to build the later city of Rome, private houses, etc. It is a marvel, rather, that that structure is so complete today. The most perfect of the ancient buildings is the Pantheon -- but it has been denuded of its valuable covering. The Forum is still highly attractive but one must use the imagination freely. The Arch of Constantine is a wonderful structure; so that of Septimius Severus; but that of Titus is
Feb. 21, 1906.

not wholly ancient. The column of Marcus Aurelius is a fine thing but like everything else of Pagan Rome the popes have "sanctified" it; it is now crowned with a statue of St. Peter. Trajan's column is similarly in good preservation.
St. Peters Church is majestic and imposing beyond any church on earth. It is larger than any other. Its great dome is marvelous. Everything is on a gigantic scale. But it is not so beautiful to me as York Minster or even some smaller churches. For luxury and beauty combined it does not equal the Maggiore in Rome which is the richest church I ever saw
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