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very common on the Amalfi drive with its [illegible]-pinnate leaves and thickish orbicular leaflets. The fruits were labeled "Garruhe" [?] in the museum, the chestnuts "Castagne". There was a large quantity of bread; the favorite loaf seemed to be someting of the size and shape of a low mandarin's Chinese cap, a "button" in the centre and creases running to the outside, so: [see image for drawing] but regular, not irregular as shown in my rough sketch.
In spite of the monstrously vexatious annoyances of the cabmen, fakirs, etc. for you cannot walk ten steps without being ac-
Feb. 20, 1906.

costed, Naples is still alluring. A sight of a peasant woman with a tall water jar on her head has such a flavor of ancient times that you gaze in rapture.
Went to Rome. Mrs. F. was so disgusted with the Pension Hayden that we left the same night to the great disgust of the Hayden people and went to the Hotel Savoy. We had much merriment over this, as it was near midnight.
Rome was almost disappointing at first. I expected to see too much of ancient Rome. The city of the Caesars is buried 15 or 25 feet beneath the present city and time, barbarous in-
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