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Royal Gardens, Kew
= Lotus
L. trispermus Greene, Erythea.1. p 258. = Hosackia brachycarpa, a very fair match for type in Hb. Kew. Teeth in Wilson's spm. [specimen] a bit shorter. - Kew
= Lotus tomentosus Schrader, Neue Journ, 42 (1809) teste Greene, Erythea, 1, p.207 is incorrect. Bromus tomentosus is there cited in a footnote. - Kew.
Lotus ornithopus Greene = L. argophyllus. May be susceptible of being differentiated as a var. But if the maritima (salsuginosus) and other species may vary so in length of peduncle why not this. Cf. with chesnut & Drew's Yosemite Valley.
My 16, 1906.
- Lepidium ruderale should be look out for on rubbish heaps in California.
- Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Esch. A duplicate of Chamisso's plant is in Kew HB.
- Statice macrophylla. Dr. Stapf has just determined as above sp. a spm. sent him which came originally from Point Loma, S.F._ It may have come from a garden. If an escape it must be watched for. It is remarkable for the broad obtusely pointed internodal wings on the stem, the brownish bracts and the handsome blue fls [flowers]. It is a native of Teneriffe. _ Prob. San Diego.
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