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Kew, Surrey
last out with that curiously incisive click which is one of his characteristics.

- Will you come to tea this afternoon said Sie Dietrich Brandis. I went. He at once took pride in showing me a fine large photograph of President Roosevelt sent him by the Chief Executive with his autographic appreciation of Sir Dietrich's services towards the promotion of forestry in the United States. Wing was there; fine looking man with silver white hair and long iron-gray beard. Has been in the Indian Forest Service 30 years - now retired I suppose. Brandis, so long in the Indian
January 17, 1906
service of forests is just completing a book on Indian forest Botany. He says in Upper Burmah the brush and trees are felled, the whole burned in the dry season and rice planted, or beans climb the dead standing trees. Says Eschscholtzia is become naturalized everywhere in India.

- Teratologae Californicae. A terminal leaflet has coalesced with a lateral leaflet in my Lotus aboriginus no. 1944. A deeply notched bract on Lotus leucophaeus, [Stall's] no. 2020, Ca_on of San Jacinto River, is perhaps 2 leaflets blended. May not some notched leaves have arisen in this way?
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