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13 or 14; was put into a lawyers office to earn a living for his widowed mother and his sister. He took to making dry plates in a small way, having his sister help him and in that way the business grew until it became a gigantic concern. He is now a man of mature years, handsome, domineering, egotistical. Has never married - having given his whole time and energy to the success of his business.
Never have I seen so remarkable a girl as Mistress Beck, aged 5. I was her lawful prey and she knew that she could do with me what she wished.
January 15, 1906.
She is never impolite but has her own way with all the subtle resources of a grown woman! And she has the most infectious laughter that ever breathed from mortal!

- Went to Syon House grounds (the south of England seat of the Duke of Northumberland) to see the trees. Dr. Henry cicerone. Fine Hazel tree 70 ft. high with good trunk and wide spread of branches. I guessed "Alder" on seeing it! The Bald Cypress very fine. Any number of the curious knees rising from the lawn-like surface of the ground. Also plum trees trained along the wall French fashion.
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