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but works himself. It can no longer be said that only the study of the plant is regarded, - the study of plants is also appreciated. It must be remembered that in Sach's time the whole study was for the plant; the study of plants was ignored as useless. And what a revolution Engler by his commanding efforts has brought about!
- Called on Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Beck, 141 Holland R, W., week ago Sunday. Mr. Beck told me of this fight with the Eastman Kodak Company. The Eastman's proposed to monopolize the photo traffic in England as they have done in the United States. In the U. S. they practically control
January 15, 1906
everything. No dealer who sells their goods is allowed to sell anything else; he signs a contract to that effect. Periodicals which take ads from the Eastmans are not allowed to take ads from any other photo company. Eastman had it in mind to control the whole world but he was blocked by the great fight for open trade made against him and in France he has made no headway on account of the "natural conditions" which prevail there - the multiplicity of small traders and manufacturers who do business in a small way and cannot be cajoled or coerced into syndicates. Eastman was left an orphan at
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