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as the carriages and hansoms crowded against the sidewalks, footmen strove and cabmen shouted and doubtless at times swore under their breath and the gentle rain fell and this was all in the inky slush of the London streets, that peculiar [] that flies over you all the time - the ever-present filth of the London streets.
- Pinus insignis, a correspondent in Gardener's Chronicle for this week says in west of England this species has grown 61 ft. h. in 21 years!
- White Ants of tropical countries. Gard. Chron. for this week. Timber boiled in saccharine solution and allowed to cool, strengthens the timber; to the solution may be
January 4, 1906.
added some ingredient distasteful to the ants.
- It is glorious to see what one man may accoomplish by his single labors. Take Engler in Germany. Systematic botany had fallen into disrepute; no decent botanist scarcely wanted to be known as a systemaic botanist. Everything was physiology. This was due to the commanding dominance of one man - Sachs! But Engler has changed all that. Within 20 years he has built up a school of systematic botany that is the wonder of the world. For Engler has not only executive ability and organizing power, he not only makes men work
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