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- My fairy god-father here in London is Mr. W. Robinson. He is a north of Ireland man but undoubtedly of Scotch origin as Robinson is a Scotch name. He began life as a mere gardener in the north of Ireland; went to the Paris Exposition in charge of the English garden exhibit, from this inspiration developed a faculty for writing; returned and began to write for the gardening magazines; undertook landscape gardening; founded The Garden; revolutionized the taste for gardening in England completely; invented the "wild garden" and natural arrangements and grass plots to replace the old formal geometrical blocks; made judicious investments and is now worth several million dollars; is very "hard-headed" in
January 4, 1906
business matters as the Scotch say and combines with it - a rare combinaiton! - the gift of writing. He has a hobby now for producing elegant publications with hand-made paper and fine wood-engravings. Such is Sylva and Flora, now just completing its third volume. He is a most charming and interesting companion and it has been a great privilege to see so much of him. He has either taken a great shine to me personally or thinks I am one of the big chiefs of the valley tribes of California. Last night we went to Scott's, a famous London restaurant, and then to the Garrick theatre for the Merchant of Venice. Bouchier was Shylock
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