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Kew Herbarium
plane and fruit of the former. First described by Tournefort but not known in a wild state. Henry thinks it may have originated as a hybrid in America between the two above species.
Says Eucalyptus grows beautifully on the west coast of Ireland and that six species do will on the west coast of Scotland. The Californian conifers do exceedingly well in England , i.e., those species from the Sierras or cool coast climate. I have noticed their fine growth in many places.
The Tan Oak grows splendidly here.
- Prof. Hughes of Cambridge told me of his visit to the Ariz. Grand Ca_on, its grandeur, his fatigue. Met a wolf. The wold [sic] said: "Your'e to lean, not worth the fight!"
Dec. 5, 1905.
= "She was a routinist; she believed in systems, she believed in order. x x x When she found an exception to a rule she regarded the exception in the light of an error." Miss Bell in "Lovey Mary".
= "Ain't you proud you ain't got a harelip? Why, that one thought is enough to keep me from ever gittin sorry for myself!" - Mrs. Wiggs in "Lovey Mary" - Alice Hogan Rice
= Called on Dr. Masters at the Gardener's Chronicle office in Wellington st., Strand. He was once a physician and looks now like a kind busy prosperous country physician. Face shaven smooth save below the chin, giving him an old-fashioned Quaker look. He was very cordial and pleasant.
= Dyer has resigned and is succeed by Prain of India, the most exciting thing in Kew in years.- Dec. 7, 1905
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