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I mentioned to him that the great tree is still whole and flourishing; asked about the forest reserve, the horticultual developement of the state and the Stanford University. He was a guest of Stanford at the Palo Alto ranch; also a week with the Bidwells at Chico; asked about Lemmon, etc. Showed me Wallace's Life (Autobiography), just appeared. Commented with great glee on the sequence of subjects or topics at the end of the second volume: Spiritualism, Money-Losses through poor Investments. Wallace is one of the leading spiritualists in England and vainy tried to convert Charles Darwin and Hooker. Hooker remembered David Douglas, who gave him when
Nov. 24, 1905.
a boy a fine Salmon Fising Pole and pulled him out of Loch Lomond when he had fallen in. Hooker lived in Glasgow until he was twenty.
Lord Avebury formerly Sir John Lubbock rather undersized man with white hair, almost bald on top, reddish complexion, small eyes, but fairly regular though smallish facial features. Told many good stories. He is very clever in this way. Said someone's servant was asked, on retiring from South Africa, what he thought of the British Association. Well, said the servant, he saw the President (the elder brother Darwin) and he couldn't quite understand how so young a man could be the ancestor of the human race! A curious confusion of ideas regarding evolution and Darwin, said
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