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Subjects for Students
- Rhamnus crocea and its forms, variation in its flowers; study of seedlings and comparison with those of R. Californica.
- Variation in the cotyledons of Eschscholzia.
- The value of color in the twigs and branchlets of Ceanothus spp.
- Native plants with milky juice.
- Native plants developing the flowers and leaves at different periods.
- Origins and character of the warty stipules of Ceanothus, sect. Cerastes.
- Sterile shoots of Ceanothus sp.; shoots and seedlings.
- What is the hardiest sp. in the Berkeley region; the most variable; the most common?
- Leaves of native sp. their texture, surface position when alive etc
Subject for "sunset"
Point Reyes Country; white cliffs which caused Sir Francis Drake to call the country New Albion. Cf. Beechey, Narrative, i, p.343
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