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of celebrated men of science, chiefly former members of the society: Sir Humphry Davy, Sir Joseph Banks, Earl of Rosse, Sir Joseph Hooker,
- Yesterday, Oct. 21, Sunday, went to Jordans, Chalfornt, to see Wm Penn's grave. Motor from Slough but motor stuck fast on a hill and we cut across to the Uxbridge road and on, leaving Beaconsfield (whence Disraeli's title) to the left. Th meeing house of the Friends is in a very secluded spot in a hollow. The burying ground lies at the right. Few of the graves are marked but all the stones are of the
Oct. 18, 1905
same size and pattern. Quakers believe in hewing all alike, no man rising above his neighbor in worldly things. William Penn's stone is like all the rest: his name and the year of his death. The burial ground is beautifully simple with a row of beeches about it - does not suggest a burying ground - least of all an American cemetery.
The meeting house does not look like a church - more like a dwelling house. It is simple indeed. No pulpit, only a slightly raised railed platform at the end. At the opposite end is the women gallery, closed now with shutters, but are opened like windows when the Friends
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