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Kew Herbarium
- Windsor Forest - went with Dr. A. Henry on a walking trip to Virginia Water and Windson Forest. We climbed locked gates and had a great day in the King's dominions. The trees were beautiful, especially the great smooth round-limbed beeches which I never cease to admire. They are truly great trees. There were also east Am. red oaks 6 ft. through! Then fine Chestnut trees. Dr. H. remarked that he discovered 12 Castanopsis spp. in southern China most of which were new. The day was beautiful, just cool enough, the soft rolling hills, glades, tree clusters, flooded with full sunshine - all the world in green. Then down to Windsor town to eat -
June, 15, 1906.
finding a hotel, the barroom filled, nay packed with women and men, close and vile-smelling - yet the green forest was there, ten minutes walk away! and free for all that love it! The soil of the open hills good but not [mulched], not alive with all sorts of organisms as that beneath the trees.
- Thos. Howell had told me about the abundance of Darlingtonia californica on the Oregon coast, and I edited his letter and put it in Erythea. But this had slipped my mind. cf. p. 143 ante.
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