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Kew Herbarium
Abies bracteata. William Peebles made an expedition to secure seed in 1858 (Sept.) Beardsley's journey is describ. by himself in Edin. New Phil. Journ. [Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal ] n. ser., p.1.
In Trans. Edin. Bot. Soc. [Transactions Edinburgh Botanical Society] 6, p.211 (1859) the account was reprinted.
Peebles was something of an artist and made the first portrait of the tree. Beardsley went before Peebles. Lobb went a 2d time (1857).
-Cupressus macrocarpa, Gordon Journ. Hort. Soct. [Journal Horticultural Society], 4, 296, fig.
- Lobb, Wm. visited England in Dec. 1853, bringing with him seeds, cones, etc of "Wellingtonia", and many other fine things. See letter, Gard. Chron. 1853, 819 (on Wellingtonia). But seeds were first sent to England by John D. Matthews (whence the first seedlings)
June 15, 1906.
Matthew sent the seeds to his father
-cf. Lawson, Pin. Brit. [Pinetum Brittanicum]vol. 3.

- Gray, Asa. Made journey to Mexico & Calif. in 1885, teste label on Phacelia distans in Kew. Hb.

- Hinds, R. B. Sketch of the botanical aspects of California in Bot. Sulph. pp 2 - 6 [Botany of the Voyage of H. M. S. Sulphur]

- Nevin and Lyon collected together. cf. Syn. Fl. 2, 416.

- Fremont. Remarkable how much he collected in California. Cf. Jepson Calif. Types at Kew. p. , under Phacelia tanacetifolia
I. F. James, a botanist of Cincinatti, Ohio botanized in Calif. (Tehachapi Mts. teste label in Kew HB) in 1880 (August).

Thermopsis Californica Wats. San Diego! Vasey, 1880. San Felipe! D. Cleveland. San Rafael Mts!, 5000 ft. Franceschi Knoxville! Baker 3081.

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