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The ship Juno under command of the Chamberlain von Resanoff had come down the coast from Sitka Mar. 28, 1806.
Resanoff's visit to San Francisco was for the purpose of arranging trade relations between the Russian colonies at Sitka, etc and the Spanish colonies at California. He found it difficult, however, on account of the trade restrictions imposed by Spain and the suspicious nature of the Spanish government to secure even one ship's load of grain, etc for his necessitions people at Sitka. As the negotiations slowly progressed "the bright eyes of Donna Conception made a deep impression on his heart" and he conceived that a nuptial
May 20, 1906
union with the daughter of the commandant at San Francisco, Don Arguello, would be a vast step gained towards promoting the political objects he had so much at heart." He assured the governor that immediately on his return to St. Petersburgh he would go to Madrid as Ambassador extraordinary from the Imperial Russian Court, to obviate every kind of misunderstanding between the two powers. Thence he would proceed to Vera Cruz and finally to San Francisco to reclaim his bride. Cf. p. 183.
Langsdorff went upon a water expedition to San Jose Mission but became so entangled among the marsh sloughs at the head of the bay that he had a very hard time of it.
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