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Kew Herbarium
and does not [swim], when green it seasons well, and I found it made good gunwales and timbers for light boats" - l.c.p.130
Some of the acorns were as sweet as chestnuts -l.c.p. 130.
Planes "of immense size overhung the stream, without apparently a sufficient hold in the soil to support them, so much had the force of the stream denuded their roots." - l.c.p.123
He speaks of the natives burning the wild grain each season and thereby destroying many fine plantations of oaks - p.130.
Also of the indian women "boiling huge horse-chestnuts" - p.126.
May 20, 1906
Langsdorff's Voyage
"Madame Arguello had had fifteen children, of whom thirteen were at this time living; some of the sons were absent on military service, others were at home. Of the grown-up unmarried daughters Donna Concepion interested us more particularly. She was lively and animated, had sparking love-inspiring eyes, beautiful teeth, pleasing and expressive features, a fine form, and a thousand other charms, yet her manners were perfecty simple and artless. Beauties of this kind are to be found, though not frequently, in Italy, Spain and Portugal" - Voyages, vol. 1. p. 155. by G. H. von Langsdorff, Aulic Counsellor to His Majesty the Emperor of Russia.
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