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There are, therefore, 76 Nuttall letters preserved in the Hooker Correspondence.
I now go back to vol 63 to add a few notes.
Oct. 15, 1847, sails on the 19th for the United States, Philadelphia.
Oct. 29, 1842 (p. 333) speaks of Mr. Chas. Pickering as "a shrewd observer and excellent naturalist"
In another letter in this vol. he expresses the hope to Sir Wm. Hooker that Asa Gray will finish the Flora of North America.
Letter 327 contains a page about Bartram whom he very much admires.
Letter 328, re Darlington and Bartram.
May 20, 1906.
"On Simmondsia, a new genus of Plants from California by Thos. Nuttall, Esq. Hooker's London Journal of Botany, 3, 400 (1844)
Type loc. "Covering the sides of barren hills, in argillaceous soils, near the sea, in the vicinity of St. Diego in Upper California."
"In memory of Thormas William Simmonds, an ardent botanist and naturalist, who accompanied Lord Seaforth to Barbados about the year 1804, and died soon after, while engaged in exploring the island of Trinidad."
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