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country you mention is no doubt healthy as well as interesting to the naturalist. As to the "Death Valley" you mention in this otherwise healthy country is to me no novelty or peculiatity; as the very same thing obtains in West Florida, wh. I visited in the winter of, I think, 1816. A little short of the town of Quincy I passed thro' what remained of a village of log huts, just settled that year but was suprised to find every house empty and going to ruin, except one where I obtained entertainment for the night ad on inquiry I learnt that all the inhabitants except themselves had died of that autumn of a malignant fever: at the same time those who in that marshy
May 20, 1906
vicinity had fled to the neighboring sandhills and there encamped had escaped the fever.
x x x x x . I heard of Asa Gray's arrival in England two month's back he is now most likely on his return to the U. States, but I have not had a visit from him.
I remain
Yours truly
Thos. Nuttall.

xx I have, also, at last succeeded in raising from seeds sent me last June from Dr. Short, Lexington, Kentucky, the beautiful Collinsia verna which I have been trying thse ten years to introduce to our gardens." - Feb. 12, 1856.
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