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Edinburgh Univ. Herbarium
[Sept 5, 1905]

Notes on the plants collected by Scotch Explorers in Calif. [California].

Quercus Kellogii Newb. South Umpqua, Southern Oregon, J. Jeffrey. August 9, 1852.
Quercus chrysolepis. N. Calif. Sept. 20, 1852, Jeffrey. Labeled "Q. agrifolia? Nee" by Robert Brown. Small entire leaves.
Do. October 4, 1852, Jeffrey.
Q. Breweri Engelm. teste Sargent. "Small shrub-Canyon Creek, Southern Oregon, Sept. 1865. Robt. Brown" ("Probably variety, or young leaves of Q. Oerstediana R. Br. Capst or Q. lobata Nee" - R. Br.). Doubtless Breweri-W.H.J.
"Q. densiflora H. & A. v. 110. Calif., W. Hobb."
"Q. densiflora S. Oregon. 1852. J. Jeffrey."
"Q. densiflora. "Canyon Ccreek, S. Oregon, Sept. 1865. Fine tree-Robt. Brown," vid "Farmer," 1866."
"Q. dubia. Hansen, Amador Co." = Plain yea, typical Kellogii! W.H.J.
[Edinburgh Univ. Herbarium]
Sept 5, 1905

Quercus chrysolepis Liebm, teste W.H.J! "coll. Jeffrey, N. Calif. Sept 20, 1852." "Oblongifolia Torr. (R.B.)" "Q. Engelmannii, Greene (C.S.S.)".
The leaves are small, 3/4 to 1 inch long, oblong, mostly rounded or bluntish, a few weakly toothed on one side (3 teeth), or one tooth on other side.

[4 leaves drawn, numbered 1-4]

No. 1 very typical, Nos 3 & 4 a trifle long and 4 a trifle broad.
The cups are of usual type as occurring in Mill Creek Canyon, Ukiah! and of the same size. The single acorn is very short. I have no hesitation in declaring it chrysolepis-W.H.J.
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