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Brussels to London

similar appointments one would of had to pay _2:00 or _1.50 at the very least.
The railway compartments are 1, 2 and 3 classes. There is no upholstering on the 3rd class seats. Sometimes there is an aisle down the side of the car connecting the compartments (2nd and 3rd cars), sometimes not. The people in the 3rd class are well dressed as the passengers of an ordinary American 1st class day coach. In England the full compartment (ten poeple) is uncomfortable. You sit in a narrow place and can scarcely move at all.
Went to London via Ostende, 1st class on boat. Ostende and a lot of other towns are watering

August 5, 1905

places rising off the seashore in the
most compact style imaginable
- the land dead level about them
so they seem to rise straight
out of the water 5 to 6 stories high,
and very clean-cut, as if space
were dear, Deadly ill crossing the
Channel to Dover.
The whole south coast of England
is amazingly fortified! It isn't
very obvious until you scan
the cliffs closely
The country part of England
is very pretty - valley and hill
with natural groups of trees -
a great change from Belgium. I
saw bits of scenery, clusters of
oaks in little valleys and swelling
hills not so unlike bits I could
pick out in Napa Valley.
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