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Liege, Belgium
[July 28-31, 1905]

On the Quai de la Batte (Meuse banks stands the quant old building Monte de Piete with curious sculptures on the walls. It is now an Archaeological Museum. Visited St. Paul's Cathedral. It has a quaint old court and garden. Visited St. Jacques-the part at the extreme west end is of the year 1000 or odd and looks it. Both churches I liked. Fine view over the city from the Citadel. The fortifications are half-ruinous. The Belgian soldiers present a more gorgeous appearance than ours but no occupied fortiers of the United States would look like this Citadel. Went to the Botanical
[Liege, Belgium]
July 28-31, 1905

Institute of the University of Liege. -at the Jardin Botanique, a short distance from the University which lies in the old crowded part of the city on the banks of the Meuse. About 3 acres of garden. Families in long narrow beds with narrow paths between, these ending on a grass strip bordering the foot pathway. The Director is A. Gravis, Prof. of the Faculty of Science. Absent the day we called but were shown every courtesy by Dr. H. Lonay. The staff in research and instruction devotes itself now wholly to anatomy. The range of greenhouses is extensive. They have a great lot of Bromeliads-several houses full, used by E. Morren (Prof. Bot. Liege, 1833-1886) in crossing, etc. Morren's herbarium on which is based his classical monograph on the Bromeliaceae is in the Herbarium, which is about 1/4 the size of ours and has now no Curator. "The town will not supply the money," said Lonay.
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