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Royal Bot. [Botanical] Garden
[Edinburgh, Sept. 6, 1905]

John Jeffrey, cont. [continued]

appear to be January 10, 1857, (est) the circular of May 30, 1859 (last) Jeffrey had not been heard from in any way (1857) nor later. All signed by Andrew Murray, Sec'y [Secretary].

One of the earliest circulars, sent out by the Treasurer, David Smith, calling for the paying up of subscriptions is dated 20 March, 1850 and headed as follows:
The Hon. Lord Murray
The Hon. Lord Cunninghame
Sir David Dundas of Dunira, Bart.
Sir John Matherson Grant of Ballindallock, Bart.
Sir William Gibson-Craig, Bart. M.P.
J.H. Balfour, M.D. Professor of Botany.
George Patton, Esq. of Cairnies
William Murray, Esq. of Henderland
Charles Lawson, Esq. George IV Bridge
[Royal Botanical Garden]
Edinburgh, Sept. 6, 1905

James Greig, Esq. Inverleith Nursery
Isaac Anderson, Esq. Maryfield
James McNab, Esq. Royal Botanic Gardens
Andrew Murray Esq. of Conland (Joint Secretaries)
Mr. Charles M'Intosh, Dalkeith (Joint Secretaries)
David Smith, Esq. W.S. Treasurer

The complexion of the Com. [Committee] changed considerably by the time that publication of new species was made. M'Nab was the Supt [Superintendent] of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Jeffrey wrote to Balfour from Oregon City, March 14, 1853, indicating the routes of boxes forwarded and said: At present I am on the eve of starting for the Rocky Mountains by way of the south side of the Columbia River on reaching the mountains I will turn south
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