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[July 27, 1905]

Belgian streets. Just as he passed the window where I was, I saw from my post of vantage a peasant woman suddenly dart from the crowd between the cavalrymen and thrust a letter into the royal carriage. The cavalrymen fearing an attack upon the King, closed suddenly round the carriage, stopping it, but when it was seen that it was a peaceable woman the King made some indication to the woman, the populace burst into cheers of Vive le Roi and the procession went on down the street. Behind the King came a company of infantry with black uniforms, green braid, epaulettes and trimmings, high caps, with
July 27, 1905

tufts of peacock feathers dancing on top. Behind them was another gorgeous company which I cannot describe now. I should have said that the Burgomasters of Antwerp and various dignitaries preceded by some distance the royal equipage. For my room at the Chapeau Rouge I pay 2 franks including breakfast of coffee, bread and butter.

Liege is beautifully situated on the River Meuse well in the interior. It is, in many ways, more beautiful than Antwerp. In order to see the folk of the country I came 3rd class, no cushions on the seats; 89 cents (U.S.) from Antwerp, 2 hrs and 22 minutes travel. I come to Liege as delegate from the University of California to the
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