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Mt. Vision, Inverness, Marin Co.

No. 2464. Chinquapin. 5-8 ft. high. Odor fls. disagreeable but on hot day extremely so! Stamens 11, 12, in 2 fls. counted. Female involucres with 3 styles and 2 to 6 stamens!!

No. 2465. Viola canina adunca Sm. Monstrosities and Reversions. Open hill top. Heavy season's rains. Fls with 5 spurs! One with 6! very monstrous. Reversion to 2, 3, 4, 5 common. All regular in shape but not in size. Normal spur the largest, usually 2 lateral spurs if one. Lower petals with or without and small.
Nov. 20, 1904.

If extra spurred on a plant usually all spurred but normal fls. may be on same plant as spurred flowers. One flower without spur, but having a mere gibbosity. Flowers with one spur dif. as to petals, form and position of same, noticeably so with 2 spurs also, less so with 3 and 4 spurs, and practically regular with 4, 5, and 6 spurs.

-Eriophyllum stachadifolium, monstrous heads.
-Redwoods--mature their cones in Oct. and Nov. Bolton brought a great lot of cones from Willits, Nov. 10th. Many of the cones were opened, whilst others were just ready to open. These last were quite large, they had not shriveled up in drying and were of a most beautiful light-brown color. I never knew before that Redwood cones could be so beautiful. They came from the tops of the tall trees and were not the low lateral-branch cones one so commonly sees. They had subulate foliage-branchlets. --Nov. 25
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