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Vaca Mts., via Mix's Canon [= Weldon Canon.]

- Quercus dumosa bullata on ridge.
No. 2181. Prunus virginiana [var. demissa], just below
Mix's in Mix's Canon.
No. 2182. Zygadenus Fremonti, [Wats.] in chapparal on
high east slopes of Vaca Mts, in good soil.
No. 2183. Viola purpurea [quercetorum B. & Cl.] in sandy loam on crest of Vaca ridge near School._ There were a few other things that suggested Howell Mt (which we could plainly see looming up in front of us in the Mt. St. Helena Range). These were Pteris aquilina (not much of it) and Quercus chrysolepis. There was also a small cluster of Madrona's!!

_ Rhine School in 1890 was low down in Weldon Canon; it may have been moved to summit of ridge.
May 3, 1903 [Solano Co]

- Prunus demissa in Mix's Canon. Not rare in the one place we found it. Odor very sweet.
No. 2184. Wyethia helenioides Nutt. On very crest. We noticed Wyethia glabra away down in Mix's Canon proper.
No. 2185. Berberis [illegible] Jepson [dictyota]. Same as at Vauden? Apparently so. Quite a litle thicket of it on the very crest of the ridge.
No. 2186. Buckeye leaf. Mix's Canon. = Weldon Canon.
No. 2187. Fraxinus dipetala [H. & A.] Plentiful in Mix's Canon the first 600 ft. alt above Mix's house. Fls perfect (and fertile.) and staminate (with abortive ovaries).

Cushion 20 x 20 in or 21 x 21 taut. meas.
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