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case of the first tree the struggle in the top was doubtless aided by a number of sprouts near the base of the trunk. If the wood can carry elaborated sap here would be the chance to demonstrate it.
- A great many Tan Oaks build out buttressed bases or tabulations like the Madrona. These bear some, often a great many, conical adventitious woody dormant buds. When the bark is taken off there is revealed a display of alps, great clusters of large and small "mountain peaks."
June 14, 1903.

- There are 8 leech-tanks in the leeching-house. They have false bottoms, composed of slats spaced at short intervals. The liquor works through to the true bottom. The spent bark is taken out of the vat through a small opening in the side. The vats or tanks are made of redwood. The bark is brought in by a conveyor from the mill-house where it is ground. The liquor goes to a receiving tank in the evaporating house. The evaporator is a great globose copper vessel closed on all sides and is a condensor of the vacuum pattern. There is a scheme for reducing atmospheric pressure by running a colling [?] pipe 20 ft or so above the con-
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