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Ukiah to Lyon Valley
(Miyakma Range)

No. 2237. [Salix hindsiana Benth.] Silver Sand-bar Willow, 14 ft. high. Long shoots on top of bushes with curving tips -- the green tissues soft like a Douglas Spruce. (Shrubs up to 22-25 ft.)
No. 2238. Green Sand-bar Willow. 14 ft high. (10-18 ft. h.)
No. 2239. Douglas Oak. See measurement 7 pp. ahead.
- Quercus chrysolepis, sapwood very variable in thickness -- varing from 1/2 in. to 8 measured in. (or even 12 in. I judge by the eye). On same trunk it varies a good deal, 1/2 to 1 in. on thin sap, to 2 or 3 in. on thick sap.
No. 2240. Quercus Wislizenii [DC.] Tree 2 ft. diam. at 3 1/2 ft. from ground where bark spm. was taken. 55 ft. h. -- Lower Mill Creek Canon. See Sudworth samples, No. 82 [?]
July 2, 1903
(Mill Creek Canon)

- Typically Maul Oak has a white or whitish trunk, although often mossy, quite smooth as to the general surface but fissured superficially in long narrow ribbons But one may find on other trees and even on the same trees on the other side of the trunk say, deeply fissured bark broken also transversely. I think as fine a lot of trees as are to be found are or were in Mill Creek Canon, tall clear clean trunks, straight and unbranched for 30 to 60 ft, which always characterize the most finely developed specimens on canon sides or in canons. There are some fine Bay Laurel (100 ft. h.), Douglas Spruce, Oregon Maple, Garry Oak, Black Oak, Torreya, Ash of Oregon.
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