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made from this place to S.F. They go to G.A. Howard who bought land in Mill Creek Canon and cut out these oak logs for manufacture into furniture. Mr. Evans calls them Florida Oak or Valpairaiso Oak. He also knew the names Spanish Oak, Pin Oak and Georgia Oak. He admitted that they were the same as Maul Oak. He repeated frequently the name Iron Oak, because of the hardness of the wood.
It seems to me now altogether certain that the legend that Calif. oaks are of no use is quietly ignored by certan manufacturers who are making fine use of our oaks and passing the wood along as the high-priced Eastern Oak.
July 1, 1903

- Mr. Evans referred frequently to what he called Burr Oak but I could get no clue as to what he meant, altho Mr. Whitehorn knew the tree of old and says it once grew in Jack Creek Canon:

Mr. Jos. Saunders, Bot. 4, says: Burr Oak = Castanopsis chrysophylla! People generally call it Burr Oak in Mendocino Co. -- Sept. 9, 1908.
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