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Ukiah to Van Arsdale's Ranch.

valley at Calpella! to summit -- all of it has the characteristic narrow and mainly entire leaves. I am sitting under a tree which is typical -- the leaves are most of them entire but here and there is a leaf very spinosely toothed or some with just a few teeth or one or two! It is positively Interior Live Oak because the branchlets have two sets of acorns!
- It is interesting that Quercus agrifolia does not range much north of Sonoma. I do not know just where it stops -- but in any event the Mission Fathers picked out the very
June 4, 1903.

best spots in California for themselves and the Spanish-Californians and particularly the Missions had just the "range" of the Field Oak. Wherever there are Mission churches you find this tree and the tree ranges little beyond the missions in any direction.
- The Garry Oak seems to favor the sheltering of brush more than some other oaks -- often there is brush of some sort just about the tree in the opens.
- Garry Oak, on southern slope, 100 yds. south of fence of road, and 1 1/2 miles or thereabouts south of Van Arsdale ranch and just before reaching the summit into Walker Valley. Circ. at 3 1/2 ft = 16',2". Diam crown = 66 _ 60 = 126. Height = 80 ft. There is another
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