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Berkeley, May 31,

- Went to visit the new house of Mr. Hunt of Hunt Bros Canning Co. of Haywards who lives on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland, each room is finished in a dif. wood: Bird's Eye Maple Reception Room, Mahogany Living Room, Ginishero (phonetic) wood in dining room -- this last called brazilite also and said to come from Mexico (or S.A?) -- fine effects obtained by cutting the slabs into two and spreading side by side -- thus the patterns in a single panel were duplicated or balanced against each other. Men's smoking room finished in Koa wood from Hawaian-islands -- very luxurious Turkish effect. Billiard room = Australian Blue Gum, very satiny light-colored wood. There was also Eastern Oak.
Mr. Hunt tells me of another use for Eucalyptus -- viz. handles for soldering irons used in the fruit-packing business -- the only wood that will resist the heat and not burn out.
Berkeley to Ukiah, June 3, 1903

- Rolling valley country at Windsor has Black Oak on it.
- Cottonwood. note an occasional tree from near Petaluma to Healdsburg to Ukiah, and especially along the Russian canon towards Hopland.
- From Ukiah to Summit there are the finest Garryana Oaks that I ever saw -- very large fine trees on the south slopes, scattered about and in clumps, with absolutely clean grassy opens between -- giving a beauty to these hills similar to that which the Valley Oak imparts to the level! There there is also Quercus Wislizenii! from the
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