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Fort Bragg to Noyo to [Mendocino Co.]

No. 2224. Hemlock. [Tsuga heterophylla Sarg.] Near Mendocino City. Bark taken from this tree for chemical analysis. See samples sent Sudworth, No. 64.

ahead be a great item. They say Redwood does not burn yet Mr. Swales considers the loss from partially burned logs very great.
After the log is taken to the mill the waste is 20 to 30% in cutting into boards. A good deal of the waste -- compared with 10 years ago -- is utilized for laths, grape-vine sticks and box-lumber -- but there isn't much demand for Redwood box lumber.
Melburne, June 28, 1903.

No. 2225. Composite -- Chrysanthemum ? [segetum] Along the fence-margins and scattered thickly over half-cultivated field on bluff over-looking sea near Caspar.

No. 2226. Stinking Fir (Abies grandis) Bark specimen taken from this tree. See Samples sent Sudworth, No. 63 bark specimen. Noyo.
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