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Fort Bragg to Noyo to

- Mr. Black is the name of a nice old gentleman, probably English, who lives at Noyo, and who offered to show us a camping place, and later gave us a place alongside his barn & some hay

- No. 2223. Alnus Oregona. typical. Near Noyo. Bark taken from
this tree for chemical analysis. See samples sent Sudworth,
Bark very red on ends where cut, and the inside shading into crimson areas which is very handsome.
Melburne, June 28, 1903.

- Hemlock noted in the woods as far as the Portugese village or wayside hamlet or cluster of houses four or five miles west of Melburne. The trees are striking -- at least when young. The branches and branchlets and foliage ae very fine or slender. The sprays droop (not pendulous) but cascade-wise, and the leader is drooping. Bark is exceedingly rough on a tree within 1 mi. Mendo-City by road. Plates small, numerous, inch high in clear, giving a very regular warty appearance. Trees 100 to 150 or 175 ft. high. See bark specimen, Samples sent Sudworth, No. 70. Tsuga heterophylla.
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