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Fort Bragg

fence which is being put around the Union Lumber Co's Mill (just now for the purpose of keeping out strikers) is lumber made from this tree.

- We were most hospitably entertained by Mr. C.R. Johnson. His residence stands in the centre of town, on a little eminence and occupies a whole block. Just west of it are several of the old military Ft. Bragg building. A white building, characteristic build of 50 years ago, the hospital, and a cottage which formed part of the cottage barracks.
Mr. Johnson lives here with his family two months in the summer. Mrs. Johnson is a pleasing woman of superior mind to the average woman. There is a grown daughter and two boys in the high school. A friend [Cont. middle next p.].
June 27, 1903.

- Blue-blossom asserts itself very strongly on the cut-over Redwood lands. Whole hillsides are covered, or half-covered with it often. It is by far the most prominent successor of Redwood on logged hillsides. Mr. R.A. Swales says there is no brush like it for wood-ticks -- that you will get covered with them in going through it from the bottom to the top of a hill. (= Ceanothus thyrsiflorus).

of Miss Johnson, a Miss Dresbach, is with her. (cf. my letter to Mr. Otis R. Johnson in Jepson Correspondence, June 9, 1941.
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